Becoming a Volunteer Southwest MI Nonprofit Partner:

  •  Capitalizes on our experience and expertise in recruiting, training, and managing volunteers.

  • No charge to join, No annual fees

  •  Helps you build capacity and enables you to better fulfill your programs and mission

  • Empowers you to post and manage your own volunteer opportunities using HandsOn Connect online volunteer management database; provides you with an opportunity to advertise your volunteer need via our website, through the Herald Polladium, New Buffalo Times, and our Social Media outlets.

  • Invitation to attend and select volunteers from your program to recieve a STAR Award at our annual Spring Star Awards Luncheon. Perfect for volunteer retention and appreciation.


In order to register as a Nonprofit Partner with us, your organizations must:

• Be designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or faith-based organization or is a school, government agency, hospital, hospice or nursing home.
• Have liability insurance that covers volunteers.
• Not withhold services based on membership or religious affiliation/participation.
• Not be a political campaign.

Please note: Volunteer Southwest MI does not recruit or refer volunteers to:

• Work with private individuals independent of an agency.
• Engage in political campaigns and partisan activities.
• Take part in direct religious activity or proselytizing. 


To complete our online agency partner application: please click on the Organization Signup button at the top of this page.