A lot of elements could damage the color of your leather upholstery. This includes cracks, abrasion from regular use, the natural drying process, and much more. These things could really make your leather furniture look shabby and dull. However, it is an easy fix. You could have your upholstery looking elegant again in no time.  

Here are several steps to restore the original look of your beloved leather upholstery: 

Clean Your Leather Upholstery 

Cleaning all the dirt from the furniture is the first step you’ve got to do. This will make sure that the color treatment process works more effectively. This will also help your upholstery look great. Utilize a professional grade leather cleaner that is recommended by professional Wichita Falls carpet cleaners. Before you completely use the product, you should begin by testing a tiny amount on a small part of the furniture. Use it using a dry and clean cloth if the product works fine with the upholstery. Apply it throughout the entire surface of the upholstery. After that, utilize another dry and clean cloth to get rid of all the dirt. 

Degrease It 

Then, you’ll have to degrease the parts of the upholstery that have faded colors. In this stage, you can utilize a high-quality leather degreaser. There are different products of degreaser available today. You should search for a product with excellent reviews. Just apply the product using a clean cloth and rub it over the spoiled parts of the upholstery.  

Sanding the Worn Out Places 

Then, to sand the rougher parts of the upholstery back down to a smooth surface, you’ll have to utilize find-grade sandpaper. You should carefully do this. You only have to do this step on parts that are already color-faded and rough. Before you continue to the next step, to make sure the surface of the furniture is extremely smooth, use your hand to feel it.  

Restore the Color 

After that, you’ll have to use a color restorer to the area that you’ve sanded previously. This includes any parts of the furniture where the color has faded. Generously apply the color restorer to those parts with the use of a sponge. You should rub it properly with the cloth or sponge you are utilizing. You might want to apply this to the entire surface of the upholstery or simply the faded components. After that, utilize a hairdryer to thoroughly dry the product whenever you are done.  


Finally, you’ll want to regularly apply a conditioner to the leather to help retain the color in your upholstery. This will keep your upholstery hydrated and soft. Thus, it will not dry out or crack. These are typically the causes of color fading in leather upholsteries. You just have to apply it using a similar process that you used with the other products. You only have to pour the conditioner onto a clean fabric and apply it gently over the upholstery. A lot of individuals utilize baby oil or olive oil if you do not have a commercial conditioner.