Things to Do When Your Dryer isn’t Working

You can anticipate cherishing years of dependable service from your dryer. On average, a dryer has a lifespan of 14 years. However, old age or lack of maintenance might cause it to break down regularly or underperform. If you pay close attention to warning signs and knowing when to contact a professional Arlington appliance repair company, you can prevent costly repairs and downtime.  

Things That Could Go Wrong 

A dryer is quite a modest appliance that utilizes a huge drum to rotate clothes, and heated air to get rid and evaporate the moisture and release it to the outdoors. Though it isn’t rare for particular parts such as electrical parts or heating element to malfunction due to wear and tear, failures might also happen as a result of the collection of lint in the dryer trap or vent or improper installation methods.  

Common Dryer Issues 

Before contacting a professional appliance repair company, you can utilize these troubleshooting methods to examine the problem with your dryer.  

  1. Dryer Will Not Spin 

A dryer that will not spin, but will turn on, possibly has a worn drum bearing or belt. You might be able to find and replace the belt yourself if you’ve got the right tools and skills. You should first ensure that the dryer is disconnected from power. Call a professional appliance repair company if you still haven’t solved the issue after replacing the belt.  

  1. Dryer Isn’t Heating 

Usually, a blown thermal fuse or a malfunctioning heating element is the common reason for the lack of heat. The thermal fuse is connected to the heating chamber and is made to burst whenever the temperatures reach a seriously high level. Though the fuse might have just busted on its own, it is vital to figure out if there’s a basic problem that causes the dryer to overheat. Call a professional appliance repair company for effective and fast assessment and repair.  

Dryer Not Drying 

The issue might be a lack of circulation if your dryer turns on but is not drying your items. A collection of lint might be the cause of this. Aside from the possibility of the unnecessary wear and tear on the parts of the system and the possibility of a dryer fire, a clogged dryer vent hose or lint screen obstruct the airflow and forces your dryer to work more than required.  

To prevent this, you have to clean the lint screen after every load. To perform semi-annual maintenance on your unit, you can buy a dryer cleaning kit.  

Dryer Not Turning On 

Before proceeding to the interior parts, you’ve got to examine several things if your dryer won’t turn on. Here are some of them: 

  • Examine the breaker box and try turning it off and on again to restore power. 
  • Examine the power cord to make sure it is undamaged and is still plugged. 
  • You should perform a visual check to confirm the gas flow if you’ve got a gas dryer. You can also try to reset the GFI.  

Why is Concrete Important in Every Construction Project?

Whenever you’re going to ask cement companies about what they offer, they will likely answer the same thing – concrete. In any construction project, it’s a vital component. However, you do not even require an expert to tell you that concrete is needed in any structure or building. All you’ve got to do is look at the various structures around you, the walkways you walk on, and the buildings in your city. You can find concrete almost anywhere.  

Why is Concrete Vital? 

A lot of McKinney Concrete contractors have a single thing in common. All of them utilize concrete. So, what is the reason for this? 

In both structure and composition, concrete is almost the same as mortars. This means that, in construction, concrete acts as a binder for a lot of different stonework units. However, concrete has a huge variety of applications, unlike ordinary mortar.  

Concrete contractors market the beneficial characteristics of concrete for many reasons. It has a lot of amazing properties that make it great for structures and buildings. Here are some of them: 

  1. Economical 

A lot of concrete contractors throughout the entire world like concrete since it is affordable and does an excellent job in construction projects. In addition to that, concrete is also extremely flexible and could be utilized for a range of structures. This includes bridges, pathways, pavements, and buildings to name a few.  
  2. Lasts Long 

Concrete could last for almost a thousand years. The truth is that the first samples of concrete construction dated back to 500 BC. Since we can still see this concrete construction, it obviously confirms how sturdy and long-lasting concrete is. Commercial concrete projects need only a bit of maintenance. This includes several touch-ups on its finishing. The lifespan of this construction material makes it an excellent choice for permanent establishments and other structures such as dams and bridges.  

  3. Durability 

As we’ve mentioned, even under extremely severe conditions a concrete will last for a lot of years. Concrete could fight off both compressive and tensile stress, abrasion, chemical action, and weathering action for long periods without affecting the integrity of its structural composition. This property makes a concrete construction project more suitable and stable for areas with severe conditions.  


For those who don’t know, the ease of use of a certain piece of equipment and material and how it maintains the quality during use is called workability. For starters, concrete contractors have a simple time combining concrete. The finishing process, placing, transportation, and subsequent handling are also as flawless as the combination. Because of this feature, concrete is a very workable material that’s excellent even for huge construction projects.  

  5. Strength 

Concrete is an extremely tough material that could endure compressive and tensile stresses without yielding. Of course, this strength is a feature of the materials that are combined in the concrete. This clearly explains why the well-graded concrete mix is a lot better than a poorly graded mix. The concrete’s strength makes it appropriate for superstructures. 

Ways in Maintaining Your Concrete

Since decorative concrete is extremely durable and low-maintenance, it has become well-sought concrete material now. However, no building material is actually maintenance-free, and concrete is one of them. Maintaining and cleaning the surface of your concrete well doesn’t only guarantee their prolonged lifespan. However, it could help you save money over time and stop having algae and moss, which makes your concrete slippery. To help you clean your concrete to preserve it, below are some of the things you can consider. 

Take extra precaution 

Without a doubt, concrete is one of the most damage-proof and durable construction materials you will find. However, no material is perfectly made. It is still essential to treat this material with extra care to guarantee that the concrete is not placed under unwanted pressure and to prevent it from cracking. 

Furthermore, to help avoid concrete from cracking, you need to refrain from exposing them to massive vehicles and machinery. Moreover, be very careful while you plow or shovel the surfaces of your concrete during the snow since it could pose damage to your pavement. 

Regularly clean it 

Cleaning your concrete regularly could make it appear as good as new for several years in the future by avoiding debris, algae, moss and other dirt from developing time after time. Luckily, cleaning your concrete does not necessarily take tons of work to do provided that you are consistent about it. Use a garden hose or a broom to clean it regularly. They could basically be helpful in having the job done.  

Get rid of the stains immediately 

Though resealing and sealing do a good job to keep decorative concrete from having stains, it is still vital to immediately eliminate stains that are difficult to remove immediately, such as gasoline, oil, and grease.  

To eliminate grease and oil, you can use alkaline degreasers since they work well. Or you can also utilize powdered dishwashing detergent to quickly get rid of these stains and stop them from penetrating into your concrete.  

Have your concrete resealed occasionally 

The greatest way to keep concretes surfaces beautiful, safe and clean is to have them resealed and pressure washed by the expert. This is also best especially if some debris is hard to eliminate since they have developed over time. Pressure washing is a fast procedure and an expert could get rid of all the moss and grime, which have developed since then on your concrete. Moreover, you can make cleanings a lot faster and easier if you reseal your concrete surfaces once in a while.  

Prevent to expose them to toxic chemicals 

Though concrete is intended to be tough and to endure many wear and tear and chemicals, you should never expose your concrete to harmful chemicals. As much as possible, you need to refrain from utilizing deicing agents during the winter season since it damages your concrete surface. 

So, if you’re interested to install concrete in your landscaping design or you want some assistance in concrete maintenance, then you should immediately visit Denton Concrete now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified concrete contractors.