Things to Do When Your Dryer isn’t Working

You can anticipate cherishing years of dependable service from your dryer. On average, a dryer has a lifespan of 14 years. However, old age or lack of maintenance might cause it to break down regularly or underperform. If you pay close attention to warning signs and knowing when to contact a professional Arlington appliance repair company, you can prevent costly repairs and downtime.  

Things That Could Go Wrong 

A dryer is quite a modest appliance that utilizes a huge drum to rotate clothes, and heated air to get rid and evaporate the moisture and release it to the outdoors. Though it isn’t rare for particular parts such as electrical parts or heating element to malfunction due to wear and tear, failures might also happen as a result of the collection of lint in the dryer trap or vent or improper installation methods.  

Common Dryer Issues 

Before contacting a professional appliance repair company, you can utilize these troubleshooting methods to examine the problem with your dryer.  

  1. Dryer Will Not Spin 

A dryer that will not spin, but will turn on, possibly has a worn drum bearing or belt. You might be able to find and replace the belt yourself if you’ve got the right tools and skills. You should first ensure that the dryer is disconnected from power. Call a professional appliance repair company if you still haven’t solved the issue after replacing the belt.  

  1. Dryer Isn’t Heating 

Usually, a blown thermal fuse or a malfunctioning heating element is the common reason for the lack of heat. The thermal fuse is connected to the heating chamber and is made to burst whenever the temperatures reach a seriously high level. Though the fuse might have just busted on its own, it is vital to figure out if there’s a basic problem that causes the dryer to overheat. Call a professional appliance repair company for effective and fast assessment and repair.  

Dryer Not Drying 

The issue might be a lack of circulation if your dryer turns on but is not drying your items. A collection of lint might be the cause of this. Aside from the possibility of the unnecessary wear and tear on the parts of the system and the possibility of a dryer fire, a clogged dryer vent hose or lint screen obstruct the airflow and forces your dryer to work more than required.  

To prevent this, you have to clean the lint screen after every load. To perform semi-annual maintenance on your unit, you can buy a dryer cleaning kit.  

Dryer Not Turning On 

Before proceeding to the interior parts, you’ve got to examine several things if your dryer won’t turn on. Here are some of them: 

  • Examine the breaker box and try turning it off and on again to restore power. 
  • Examine the power cord to make sure it is undamaged and is still plugged. 
  • You should perform a visual check to confirm the gas flow if you’ve got a gas dryer. You can also try to reset the GFI.